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Captain Marvel, superheroine 2019

Captain Marvel 2019 - in HD online ansehen

Captain Marvel
26 Feb. 2019
Film Captain Marvel des Genres fantastic im Stream, kostenlos online. The lot of the brave girl Carol Danvers had a lot of tests. They were all on her shoulder and she became the best in her business. It would seem that in such a difficult profession as a pilot, not a place for the female sex, but not for our heroine. On one of the tasks, she is faced with something inexplicable and alien. Because of this intersection, Carol gains super strength and invulnerability. Great power and as a result, great responsibility now falls entirely on her, the powerful enemy is already close and only she can cope with it. © CinemaPress.io
Direktoren: Anna Boden und Ryan Fleck
Jahr: 2019
Genres: adventure, fantastic und action
Länder: USA
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Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel, superheroine 2019
Der Film wurde in 26 Feb. 2019 veröffentlicht. Regisseur Anna Boden eingeladen für die Hauptrolle Brie Larson. Original-Filmtitel: Captain Marvel. Die größte Aufmerksamkeit für Filme war im 2019 Jahr.